my purpose is to give you pleasure. By eating me (and this will happen soon), you can
find in your sensations some imprints of the special character of rare cocoa bean
varieties, and, thanks to this, refresh and revive the idea you created about chocolate.
If I were seeking the grandeur
of the whole world, I would dress up and show myself in
full fig. But I want to appeal only to
connoisseurs so that everyone capable of it
can relive the taste of chocolate in its natural form









TЁRT – bean-to-bar chocolate factory based in Tallinn, Estonia, est on the 15th of June, 2023. TЁRT creates bean-to-bar kakao products of crème de la crème quality. All the kakao is made by gently grinding cocoa beans in the melangeur; as a result, you get the kakao tërt or, in short, TЁRT.

TЁRT KAKAO company uses only the highest quality cocoa beans with bright and unique flavour profiles. We are offering our kakao as a unique experience and the possibility to discover delicacy, shades of grace and tendency of taste palate. Because we are a small craft factory, we care for each step of production, and the taste of each bar becomes unique and distinctive. One can say that every TЁRT KAKAO is individual storytelling, a character of chocolate captured by the chocolate maker and lived by the consumer through senses.

Essence captured in kakao.
A kakao as unique as each person.

who we are

Young, passionate, kakao crazy peeps!
Hi, we are Darja & Aleksei, a great team of chocolate makers and whose goal is to capture the essence of exclusive cocoa beans in each kakao product we create.

Kakao, lots of kakao runs through our veins.

We produce kakao products that include kakao tërt (kakaomass), kakao drinks, desserts based on bean-to-bar chocolate and chocolate bars from micro-lots & specialty cocoa beans.

Our Kakao Team

Darja Tolstikova

Co-Founder of TËRT & Master of Kakao

Hi, Tere, Привет, I’m Darja.

From my early years, I was surrounded by delicious chocolate; of course, I’m talking about bean-to-bar all thanks to my parents and their business in importing and exporting cocoa beans and products.

When it was time to choose my career path, I didn’t think about chocolate making right away; I went and got a degree in Advertising  However, during my studies, I would still be involved in the chocolate world. After my bachelor’s degree, it was decided, I was sent to our good friend Mark -> “Krak Chocolade” to learn all there was about chocolate making. And now, I am the happiest, full of endorphins, rainbows with unicorns, a chocolate maker and co-founder of TËRT.

Welcome to Tërt!
Nice to meet you all.
With love and chocolate stains.

Aleksei Bezzaborkin

Chocolate maker

Hello! My name is Aleksei!

All my life I have been trying to learn new things and try different professions.

And quite by accident I got into the world of coffee, which, as I now understand, is incredibly similar to the world of cocoa, having worked in it for many years, creating new drinks and learning the coffee industry, I met Darja and her family, who showed me how interesting the world is chocolate. As I dive into this delicious world, I was lucky enough to meet the amazing chocolate creator Mark and learn from him this difficult but extremely interesting craft, making bean-to-bar chocolate. And now it’s my turn to immerse you in this fantastic world of flavors and Grate.

With love and chocolate mood,

bite into greatness

every day



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